Joellen Hoff and Stephan Hoff, the two seasoned musicians who call themselves G.I. and Jo! Why the name G.I. and Jo? Well, Stephan is ex-military, the 82nd Airborne to be exact and Joellen is...Jo! The name just seemed like a natural!  

Both Joellen and Stephan have roots in Rock, with influences like Heart, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Bruce Hornsby, Styx and more. Both played the "rock circuit" in the 80's.  

Beyond their rock roots and influences, both Joellen and Stephan adore Blue-Eyed Soul. Such artist as Hall and Oates, Amy Winehouse, Dusty Springfield, Joe Cocker and Jo's all time favorite Sir Tom Jones have great impact on their sound.  

As a married couple and writing duo, there is undeniable chemistry between these two. Their tunes are playful, soulful and sexy.   

It is hard to compare this duo with other artists, as theirs is a sound uniquely their own! What is the best way to describe G.I. and Jo's sound? it is Rock/Blue-Eyed Soul Fusion!



Doug Wilmarth, is an extended and integral part of G.I. and Jo. Although currently involved in many musical projects, he continues to write and record with G. I. and Jo. He joins the duo at various shows, when his busy schedule allows.


All kinds of influences breed all kinds of creativity. G.I. (Stephan Hoff) and Jo (Joellen Hoff) have grown up embracing all kinds of different music. Joellen loves the vocals of the R&B divas, past and present, and it shows in her soulful, emotional vocal expressions. Her songwriting draws the listener into relate-able experiences about life and all that a woman senses and feels.

Stephan grew up singing and playing in the church. A musical family environment lent itself to his abilities to find a place to fit in, vocally and instrumentally. A stint in the 82nd Airborne Division provided his nickname. His influences range from rock, pop, jazz, and blues, embracing almost all genres of music and using a little part of all them as the driving force behind his songwriting and producing.

G.I. and Jo collaborate often with different musical geniuses to create projects that are influenced according to each musician's taste and interpretation. The project with Tempting Zen is no exception. Doug Wilmarth's guitars range from sultry in Art Of Love to hard edged on I Still Like You. A master of all parts guitar, he is credited with much of the album's original music progressions and ideas. Chris George, a drummer and percussionist who is sought after by many groups in the Denver area as a session player and live stick man. His chops shine through on every track of this record. Kelly Watson has been the bass player for many artists and did an outstanding job on this project as well. He has an instinctual rhythm that shows in his performance on every song.

G.I. and Jo are constantly creating and expounding on new ideas.

"How many times have you turned the radio dial because all the songs sound the same? ...G.I. and Jo have created music that goes a long way towards overcoming the cookie cutter syndrome".... Tunes In Review

"Duos are making a comeback. Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie, and Peaches and Herb have been replaced by Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, and G.I. and Jo. Refreshing!" 

"This is an up and coming act to watch for. Intimate, interactive shows are what makes this duo so appealing.